Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Racer Tips: Pinning on your Race Number

One of the basics every bike racer has to learn to do is pin on your race number. While it's not difficult, it helps to follow a few basic tips.

  1. Make sure it is on the correct side and right-side-up so the officials and finish camera can see it
  2. Use at least 6 pins to hold on big number—8 are better as no part of the number will catch the wind
  3. Well positioned number with the ideal 8 pins.
  4. Do not use the pre-cut holes in the corner of the numbers—ignore them as these will cause your number to flap in the wind a lot. Just pin right through the surface of the number.
For more details about how to pin your number, check out the Cycling Skills blog post on the topic.